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george w. bush forged a very close relationship with former british prime minister tony blair, with whom he was not an ideological soul mate. here was an opportunity for mitt romney and david cameron, peas in a pod politically, both conservatives to try and establish some kind of alliance that could take them both forward. and instead, mitt romney has found himself causing david cameron to come out and push back on this issue of the olympics, because as chris ship knows, better i think than any of us, david cameron's own credibility is at stake over the success or failure of these olympic games. >> well, let's look at romney trying to clean up the mess. but i do want to remind our viewers here in the states of what david cameron did to take a shot at him in the morning. let's take a look at this morning on the "today" show, our big morning show here. mitt romney tried to end the static he had stirred up with a "nightly news" interview he did with brian williams. he did it by complimenting now. he has switched in the past just about everything. here he is switching on the british olympics
drug benefit created by george w. bush. and a lot of it comes from cleaning up the mess the republicans created and wall street created. but beyond that, mitt romney is in absolutely no position to talk about whittling the debt down when he's advocating a gigantic tax cut for the wealthy that is not going to even pay for. he has not shown how he is going to close whatever loopholes he said he's going to close. so it's a both dishonest and hypocritical message. i think democrats ought to be standing up to it and saying it is dishonest and hypocritical and blaming romney for not having a single new idea for bringing jobs back. not a single idea. >> mr. bernstein what i see feeding that narrative, whether it's fact or fiction we can discuss, but even if it is fiction is the supreme court deskigs having been up yesterday constitutionally as a taxing authority of the congress i can tell you, i answered phone, i host a radio program where i hear from people who say, see that, i knew i was going to get whacked with a tax to pay for obama care. largely the people calling asserting that have hea
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)